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Geared Motor Manufacturers Mumbai
Classic Helical Geared Motors / Gear Boxes
Adepta Helical Geared Motors / Gear Boxes
Ext Series Helical Geared Motors
Worm Geared Motors / Gear Boxes
Double Worm Geared Motors / Gear Boxes
Elevating Drives
Electropower is the leading manufacturer of Geared Motors and Gear boxes . We are proud to see the awesome development that took place from a humble beginning to a well established and reputed source in geared motors/gear boxes. Electropower has pioneered the manufacture of geared motors in India way back in the year 1969.
Today Electropower has the widest range of geared motors / gear boxes in it's production command. Be it Helical geared motors, Worm geared motors, Heli-worm geared motors, Shaft mounted unit in helical or in worm gearing and Helical gear boxes with In-built thrust bearings for Extruders, Electropower has the most suitable units for deserving applications.
Electropower's innovation modular design offers innumerable combination and permutations in capacities, ratios, mounting positions making it the most versatile system, thereby helping in achieving maximum production on various equipment & machines.
Electropower's fastest delivery with impeccable accuracy in quality of the products has received accolades and has been the hallmark of our success.
Electropower has geared up to meet all the future challenges by offering the latest and best options in power Transmission field. 
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